Above is Buzzfeed's repackaging of our graphic (below) made for the North Queensland
Conservation Council's Global Day of Climate Action on Sunday September 21. 


Heads in Sand developed on Magnetic Island

In 2012 Cranky Curlew produced Dream on, a performance/installation at the Nelly Bay Ferry terminal carpark.  Dream on whimsically questioned the set notions public and private spaces.  It also reminded morning commuters of where they may prefer to be.

In Dream on Genevieve Barr (holding Shhh/Dream on sign) collaborated with Cranky Curlew.


Dream on was produced as part of the Bay Dayz Festival and was accompanied by another installation, Park car which paid homage to Christo but with tropical overtones of abundant growth in nature and asks, as seen on the label: 'A car is "parked" by nature - or is that culture?'